The F Wrap

Welcome to The F Wrap Reusable cloth pads for menstruation and incontinence



"I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!! They feel good, are easy to wash, absorb very well and most of all, they’re super comfy! Thank you so much!"    Melissa.

"I was surprised that I had to change my pad way less often. These are leaps and bounds ahead of the washable ones I tried 15 years ago. I wish I had found them sooner. I love them."    Gwen.

"Buying the starter pack for my daughter was a wonderful experience. She was happy to be able to pick her fabric colors and patterns.  Doing this with her opened up the doors to a deeper conversation about this change in her life, which I really think that she wouldn't have asked if it wasn't for this experience. Thank you!"    France.

"I love my pads. I think my biggest worry was that cloth would not hold the absorbency that I needed. But honestly? The F Wrap holds more than my disposables ever did. I have tried another type, a big brand name cloth but the F Wrap is by far my favorite. For fit, quality and just plain fun prints, The F Wrap is the best. I have even started a stash for my daughter. Can't wait for her to try them."  Carolyn.